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Selecting a consultancy to guide you through the intricate details of complying with all relevant guidance on Legionella control, is no easy task. There are hundreds of providers whose skillset, quality assurance and experience are almost impossible to verify. We are constantly reminded of the fact by our new clients who often are switching supplier due to dissatisfaction or expensive low quality consultation.

At LCS we offer a wide variety of Legionella services that will cater for all Legionella control measures in any size property or multi-site business, without the client needing to source a secondary service provider. This is particularly important for larger Groups, e.g. Nursing Home Groups, Councils or Student Accommodation providers who seek a uniformed approach to Legionella control.

Importantly, LCS safeguard our impartiality by specialising in Legionella consultancy only. We have no intent or capacity to cross sell other services, focusing entirely on delivering effective and efficient Legionella control schemes.

For reference, we have categorised the services we provide, to expand on the service please click the title below:

Risk Assessments

Comprehensive Legionella risk assessments.


Verbal or written communication subject specific.

Remedial Works

Recommendations to lower Risk levels, usually produced from the Risk Assessment.

Water Management Contracts

Complete Legionella control program management.

Water Testing

UKAS approved Lab testing for bacterial water analysis.

Safer Dosing

Biocide dosing that doesn’t involve chemical ingredients.

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