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Bespoke Training

Our highest level and most intensive training services on offer is our bespoke training option. LCS maintain a high level of competence when delivering tailored services, this begins with a preliminary meeting to define the core training targets required.

A tailored course is produced based on the required targets, and a proposed agenda put forward to the client for approval.

Sometimes it is necessary to combine this course with some of the other training services we offer to become cost effective or if there is considerable difference in the levels of responsibility of delegates.

Advantages of Bespoke Training:

  • Content shaped to sector keeping all information relevant.
  • Reference to various water assets onsite can be identified & recognised easily.
  • Routine maintenance, testing & logging of results responsibilities identified.
  • Cross department cohesion.
  • No travel costs for delegates (performed onsite).
  • Less ‘downtime’ as some courses can be condensed to 3 hours.
  • Q&A more useful as all will be relevant.
  • Satisfies the obligation to train Key Personnel (ACOP L8).

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