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Water Testing

Although not a direct instruction from the HSE for the majority of Dutyholders, Legionella testing by way of a Laboratory Analysis of the bacterial content does prove, when performed in conjunction with other measures that a control scheme is in place.

For Jacuzzis, spa pools, swimming pools and all medical facilities the necessity of performing Lab tests of water supplies is greater, however any Dutyholder who performs a test should thereafter record the results in the Log Book.

If you are ever needed to prove your Legionella control scheme a history of Lab Tests & results will help to demonstrate a control scheme. At LCS we offer a white glove service to clients who wish us to visit them to take samples.

We find that the majority of clients are looking for a swift service, that being through couriers and our sample pack, we offer the following tests:

  • TVC Test: £27.00 + VAT
  • Pseudonymous Test: £36.50 + VAT
  • Legionella Test: £39.00 + VAT

Included in the delivery pack is the following:

  • Sampling Instructions.
  • Plastic Gloves.
  • Sample Bottles.
  • Return Labels.

Legionella Testing in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1

We post you a testing kit, a pre-labelled courier bag and some simple instructions.

Step 2

You fill the bottle(s) in the kit, with samples from hot water taps around the building and place the filled bottles in the courier bag.

Step 3

You ring us on 01827 259346 to let us know that your samples are ready for collection and we despatch a courier to transport them to the UKAS accredited laboratory.

Step 4

At the end of the process, we issue you with a testing certificate to prove that the test has been carried out. We also remind you when the next test is due, one less thing for you to remember.

How long do the results take?

Typically we get notified within 3 days if there looks to be signs of Legionella bacteria present, with the full analysis taking 10 days from the Lab receive the samples. This is the period that the Lab needs to allow to give a true bacteria count.

What happens if the results are Legionella Positive?

We advise all our clients on the next steps if Legionella bacteria is present in the water system. If you engage services from another consultant or are under contract, we will advise you what information to pass on and what to ask your supplier.

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