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Safer Dosing

The weighty responsibility for ongoing safety and care of existing biocide dosing equipment is well known within the industry, with many examples of repercussions when things go horribly wrong. One of the biggest risks with chemical dosing equipment is the handling of dangerous chemicals and risk or incorrect mixing, together with the dependence on human interaction.

A far safer dosing technology is now available, at LCS we deliver, install and maintain equipment called ‘Neuthox Generators’, which are of particular interest to responsible managers for Hospitals, Swimming pools & Cooling Towers, as well as any other site that currently doses biocides into water.

The system alleviates the need to handle, store and purchase dangerous chemicals, as it produces the biocide fresh onsite every day. The system operates using 3 key ingredients, water, electricity & salt.

Studies prove that Neuthox eliminates 100% of biofilms which provide Legionella bacteria with food & shelter inside our water systems.

There are many Neuthox Generators currently in operation here in the UK and the interest in such an eco-friendly, safe solution to a very unfriendly and dangerous problem, has never been greater. LCS offer a free consultation to any interested site, with a firm quotation provided once specification parameters have been established.

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