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Over the years, LCS have accrued clients from a wide variety of sectors, all with one common goal – to manage the risk of Legionella effectively and efficiently. Our knowledge base is vast and our experience is a great asset when offering control advice and methods.

Each sector faces its own challenges, some are far more regulated than others, however ultimately in the Court of Law, there is no differentiation of type, size, location or sector in deciding if a defendant is guilty or not of failings in Legionella responsibilities.

To find out more regarding the risks, responsibilities, repercussions for failures and relevant case studies for your Sector please click see the links below:

Nursing and Care Homes

The importance of Legionella control in Nursing & Care Homes is extremely high, largely due to increased vulnerability of residents together with sometimes extensive water systems. Prevention should definitely be the objective as an outbreak can be devastating to a Nursing or Care Home business, in some cases forced businesses to close down.

There are many factors that need to be considered to apportion a Risk Level to a Home. Here you will find useful information for the Nursing & Care Sector:


The HSE have issued specific Legionella guidance for the Dental sector. It is proven that dental surgeries can become a breeding ground for bacteria in water, patients are susceptible to infection as water is sprayed directly into the mouth, making inhalation almost inevitable. In recent years, advancement in dental chair technology has yet to find a 100% effective solution to Legionella.

At the very least every Surgery/Practice must have a written waterline management scheme and legionella risk assessment. Find out more about Legionella in the Dental Sector:


Whenever there has been a death caused by infection or outbreak of Legionnaires Disease in a Hospital or GP surgery it will always make headline news. There are extensive control measures in place by the HSE including engagement of the Care Quality Commission to monitor and report publically its findings on each site throughout England.

It is strongly advised that specialist consultants should be advising or managing in its entirety the Legionella control program at Medical sites. Here is some very useful information for Hospitals, Doctors, Ambulance Stations & GPs:

Hospitality and Students

Fluctuating occupancy levels coupled with irregular or long periods of inactivity create all kinds of Legionella control issues for sites offering short or long term accommodation. Nowadays, thanks to the noticeable usage of the internet, any bad press associated with Legionella issues have an extended online life and devastating effects.

Further information regarding Legionella within the Hospitality & Student Accommodation sector can be found here:

Facilities Management

There are plenty examples of court convictions in businesses and trades that are not immediately identified with traditional Legionella risks. Remember that the Health & Safety Act 1974 is the responsibility that the courts will refer too for hearing a case, it makes no difference if you employ one person or one thousand.

If you are not sure or have never considered a Legionella risk assessment at your place of work, we encourage you to read the information below and then contact us:

Sports and Leisure

Any facility that provides sports or leisure services has an obligation to protect the general public from Legionella bacteria and must be able to prove that a comprehensive control scheme is in place. Swimming pools & spa baths are very high risk due to the ideal temperature and water conditions they create which suit waterborne bacterial growth.

Extra care and continuous monitoring is needed to ensure that the facilities stay safe. Further useful information can be found here:

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