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Risk Assessment Review

Many of our clients started by ordering a Risk Assessment review mostly due to client dissatisfaction with their current Legionella service provider and Risk Assessment.

This often derives from a loosely structured and poorly presented Risk Assessment from the provider to the client, with little, difficult or insufficient explanations and support. We also find some clients feel bamboozled with complicated and/or expensive remedial changes as recommendations from rookie Risk Assessors.

The trouble is there is no pre-set way to present a Risk Assessment nor is there often enough the enthusiasm from the provider to offer the support needed to achieve true compliance understanding.

Some clients are not even sure if they need a Risk Assessment at all. Well, let us make a start, right now and find out if you are in need of a Risk Assessment or Risk Assessment Review. The best person to answer this questionnaire is the Duty Holder or Responsible Manager for Legionella at your work place.

Have you had a Risk Assessment recently?

A Legionella Risk Assessment is classed as a Living Document, therefore its validity is ongoing subject to a periodic review which needs to be self-defined. The HSE guidelines (ACOP L8) do not stipulate a specific time frame for this to occur, however if one of the following circumstances apply, a review of the Risk Assessments validity and effectiveness is highly recommended:

  • If the HSE release new guidance or legislation regarding Legionella control. This is to ensure that the Risk Assessment satisfies all the criteria set including any new or amended ones.
  • If there are any structural or usage changes to the building and/or its water system. This is to ensure the Risk Assessment takes into consideration these alterations, and that diagrams are up to date.
  • If there is a sample that has tested positive for Legionella, or a Legionella outbreak. This is to ensure that all areas of risk management are being utilised in the Legionella control scheme, as described in the Risk Assessment.
  • If there is a change of ‘Duty Holder’ or ‘Responsible Person’. This is to ensure that these key personnel fully understand their obligations, the consequences of failure, best practices, legislation, etc and know how to apply solutions.

If any of these circumstance apply to your Legionella Risk Assessment, we encourage you to contact us by calling 01827 259346 or use our online facility at Book a Risk Assessment Review.

LCS offer Risk Assessment reviews starting from £89 for individual buildings. Every Risk Assessment is unique, a member of our sales team will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a tailored quotation for your site.

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