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Initial Free Session

A 30-minute Consultation Meeting

This service is a brilliant way to start a fully compliant management program. In fact we encourage all new clients to take advantage of this facility. One of our highly skilled Consultants will meet with you, onsite, at a mutually agreed time to conduct a Free Initial Session.

What We Do

  • Ask for a brief history of past & present problems relating to Legionella Control.
  • Rapidly assess your current control scheme by referring to any existing/previous Legionella Risk assessment (if available).
  • Ask a series of pertinent questions regarding the Water Assets onsite.
  • Ask a series of questions regarding compliance with Guidelines.
  • Keep all information confidential.
  • Discuss all available options in brief.
  • Provide a written quotation based on the result of the meeting.

What We Don’t Do

  • Make a firm or fixed opinion on other suppliers work.
  • Provide immediate consultation.
  • Provide immediate solutions for a particular problem.
  • Perform any remedial works on the day.

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