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Legionella Watch

Legionella Compliance is a mandatory water regulation set by H+S legislation HSG 274 Part 2. LCS LTD UK offers to you Legionella Watch our flagship Remote Monitoring System. A complete water management plan to solve your legionella compliance issues. Targeted Flushing programs ensure the flow of water is maintained, as well as reducing wasted water. Customisable alerts users in real time enabling them to respond to issues as they occur. Monthly compliance reports that replace your existing Risk Assessment. A historical and auditable record of your legionella compliance management.

Legionella Watch Features

  • Accurate & Reliable Data
  • Infection Control Management
  • Improvement in Sustainability
  • Access to Live Data
  • Dynamics Alerts
  • Monthly Compliance Reports
  • Accessibility – Enables hard to reach assets to be easily monitored and only visited when real issues occur
  • Expert Data Analysis – Data analytics for legionella compliance
  • Plug and Play Sensors
  • Excellent Customer Support

Contract Types

Choose from a short term Diagnostics or long term Compliance contract type.
  • Diagnostics – Minimum 3 months
  • Compliance – Minimum 3 years

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