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LCS are proud to be distributors and recommenders of CompliApp™ software, a ground breaking efficient all in one package for Legionella Compliance Management.

What can it do for me?

CompliApp™ provides a tool for companies carrying out compliance management, it also provides an early warning system. Identifying continually failing tests and highlighting them in simple, easy to follow format. Operators can be assured of test completion and be made aware instantly of any potential problems through our automated email facility. When the tests have been “signed off” there is an option to email the results to the responsible person. Once this is selected the emails are send and a PDF file of the results is received in the inbox of the required person. This is a “Real-Time” monitoring programme, and so provides customers and owners alike with piece of mind that their system is being looked after by the most up-to-date web based system. This is a lot more efficient and cost effective. Speeding up the remedial work process and client communication.

The Main Benefits of using CompliApp™:

Ease of Access
  • One person can monitor multiple sites.
  • Ease of use.
  • Username and password protected access to dashboard and app.
  • App can be used without data signal.
  • Log book available per building to upload any critical information relating to the site. Risk Assessments, analytical reports, RAMS, etc.
  • Onsite the engineers can refer back to the previous site visit on the app, highlighting any recurring issues, resulting in a proactive approach to compliance.
  • Photo capture per asset on the app to offer the client full visualisation of tests carried out if required.
  • One off tests can be generated on the dashboard if ad-hoc testing is required.
Cost & Time Saving
  • Totally Paperless system, reducing admin costs, increasing productivity and speeding up internal communication with compliance reporting.
  • Auto scheduling of work to ensure there is never any missed tests on a site eliminating repeat visits.
  • The app tells the engineer exactly where to go in the building and what test to carry out. If there is a change of engineers this will speed up the learning of new staff as it removes guess work of test location.
  • Map capabilities within app reduces travel time and fuel bills and increase profitability from engineers.
  • Before going to a site engineers can see what tests are required, allowing correct preparation time.
  • App is a free download and can be installed on any Android or OS phone, reducing initial outlay.
Improved Accountability
  • Client and engineer accountability with signature capture (date/time stamped).
  • Automated pass/fail and commenting for less human error.
  • Once results have been uploaded, users can make comments beside tests and highlight possible compliance issues using the white dashboard.
  • Log in histories can be compiled by the Admin to ensure site managers are using the system. This ensures full accountability.

How does it work?

It works as a central database for all your PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) works. No need to remember what or when tests need to be carried out, you set the start date and frequencies and it will carry them on. It removes any paperwork from site visits using the APP. The APP also doubles as a job sheet time stamping time on site and allowing client signatures as well. The job sheet can then be emailed to the controller from site speeding up invoicing. It removes any human error, with automated comments and pass/fail parameters. It can be used to trend results through the year, and overlay previous years to see any similarities. APP can be used in bad signal areas, as tests are cached on the device when refreshed each month. CompliApp™ can also be used for all paperwork scanned into logbooks removing waste paper, and easy retrieval when requires.

Who uses CompliApp™?

Site Managers, Facilities Managers, Business Owners, Duty Holders, Councils, schools, the list is endless, in short anyone whom has a responsibility of compliance with a legionella control program. CompliApp™ has been created to offer account owners the ability to add existing and new customers to the system themselves. LCS can offer the service to populate sites on account holders behalf.

How safe is CompliApp™?

You can be safe in the knowledge that your information is private protected by username and password access. CompliApp™ works in the following way – simply within four levels, Account Holder, Client, Monitoring Engineer and Site Manager (Building). With specific users having access to entire portfolios or just assigned buildings, relative to their level of responsibility.
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