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The Team

Founded in 2009, the LCS team has grown from strength to strength. Our team consists of a growing number of industry experts, top-class management, formidable trainers and professional customer service personnel.

We are an energetic, thoughtful and deeply practical team who always ‘go the extra mile’ to ensure you have peace of mind. We try to live our Values in order to meet our Vision.

Our expert team is led by Keith Elwell, founder and CEO. He has over 10 experience in water management.

Keith Elwell
Managing Director
e: keith.elwell@lcsltduk.com

Kirsty Sparrow
Financial Manager
e: kirsty.sparrow@lcsltduk.com

Cherie Dicken
Customer Service Manager
e: cherie.dicken@lcsltduk.com

Ritchie Elwell
Sales and Marketing Manager
e: ritchie.elwell@lcsltduk.com

Ian Wilkinson
Head of Operations
e: ian.wilkinson@lcsltduk.com

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