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Our Vision

To be the company of choice that ensures that no person or company is harmed by Legionnaires disease.

Our Mission

We will work with organisations to identify, assess, manage and fulfil their legislative requirements to protect lives against Legionnaires disease. We will raise knowledge, ensure good practice and use cost effective methods of control to reduce as much as humanly possible the causes of Legionnaires disease.

Our Core Values

  • Client Centric

    Our client’s needs are central to our approach. We pride ourselves in providing solutions that are not just practical but also workable and fully client understood; leading hand in hand the client along the path of success.
  • Integrity

    Integrity is core to our long term objectives. Adherence to Government Legislation and Guidelines require reporting and recording promptly and completely. We do what we say we are going to do by when we say we are going to do it. We encourage disclosing news that is not positive to foster transparency, always welcoming constructive feedback from staff & clients by having open & honest channels of communication and discussion.
  • Passion for Problem Solving

    Our passion drives creativity and innovation, creating bold yet simple solutions for our clients. We empower clients by enriching, enhancing and deepening our client’s knowledge base that result in solutions which exceed client’s expectations. Building clients capabilities to sustain improvement.
  • Pinnacle of Excellence

    We deliver our services with unparalleled excellence based on our extensive, accumulated and profound knowledge base and our multi-sector hands on experience. As true market leaders we are constantly exploring new and improved services, methods and innovation.

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