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About Us Overview

Legionella Consultancy Services Ltd (LCS) is a well-established and innovative company that provides services and training to assess and manage the risks of legionella. We work with you to ensure your buildings and facilities are compliant with Government regulations; we support you to establish sound and timely procedures; we train your staff in best-practices. We are conscious of financial costs and always advocated cost-effective options.

What We Do

We operate nationally offering:

Our highly experienced team will work with you so that your sites are suitably managed to ensure high water quality and the reduction of potential microbiological issues.

As part of our service we purposely seek to empower individuals for whose responsibility it is to safeguard their companies from liabilities that an outbreak of Legionella would cause. LCS offer 4 levels of Training tailored to an individual’s level of responsibility, or the severity of the legionella threat.

Our most extensive Training service is Bespoke Training which is tailored exactly to the client’s requirements, water system, staff, variables, competence and location.

True working partnership

LCS are so committed to raising the level of Awareness regarding the disease, we offer free Awareness Training courses to small businesses, schools and the NHS. We provide effective training to City & Guilds standard where required. This increase in knowledge creates a stable platform to work from in proper cohesion on matters relating to water quality, safety and hygiene.

The platform enables clients to put into perspective the risks pertinent to their own business or site and an opportunity with LCS consultation to further discover potential cost savings, taking into consideration wider objectives like the efficiency of the water system design and energy savings.

Once this level of understanding has been achieved our clients regulate the dependency for independent advice and/or consultancy, as they are now in full control of their vulnerabilities. The result? A level of true competence is achieved in understanding Health & Safety guidance. This is how LCS create a true working partnership.

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